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More Flips, More Tricks, More Air!

Welcome to AirTrackUS!

AirTrack has taken Europe by storm and is now available in the US. Our full line-up of air tumbling surfaces are perfect for high-level, elite training for gymnastics, cheerleading, or parkour!

Train Longer

Tumbling on hard surfaces is hard on your joints and body. Overtime this can make you susceptible to injury. Training on our AirTracks is easy on the body. Preventing injuries and preserving your body for bigger skills!

Train Bigger

Play with the pressure. Stack the tracks. AirTracks allow you to tumble longer and higher than conventional trampolines.

Train Anywhere

Your gym is anywhere you are. AirTracks are light, portable, and easy to setup. Turn the local park, your school basketball court, your backyard into your personal training center.

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